Both the status and understanding of digital rights in Bangladesh are profoundly absent. Strict laws and various forms of censorship in this regard violate the human rights of the people of this country in numerous ways. The people’s economic, social, and political lives are being harmed as a result of a variety of oppressive acts, including digital censorship and internet shutdowns by the government and corporations.

Activate Rights is a non-profit initiative dedicated to protecting digital rights in Bangladesh. We desire a free and democratic digital landscape in which everyone can function securely, fearlessly, and freely.

We are devoted to countering the widespread infringement of digital rights, the initiative gives priority to advocacy, circumvention, digital rights violation documentation, content localization, and internet censorship measurement techniques. Its goal is to foster a more democratic and fact-based open digital environment where everyone can fully exercise their digital rights by offering assistance to small, volunteer, youth-led activist organizations around the nation.

internet rights are human rights